Known Johnson

December 14, 2004

“Best of” blues

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Nope, not a list of the best in blues for the year 2004 – I’ve been listening so intently to my top picks for the best of the year so intently that I’m actually getting a bit sick of them. I’ve had the same 20-30 CDs with me for a couple weeks now, trying to decide what can fit into the top 10. Ultimately, I realized I can’t number them after a certain amount – I enjoy them all quite a lot and can’t say why x should be #13 and y is #14. After a handful of the best of the best, they’re all just good. Try as I might to shoehorn in more to the top 10, like combining Nick Cave’s dual-release Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus and Lambchop’s Aw, Come On and No, You Come On into single entries by both bands (and why not, Cave’s came in one package and Lambchop’s were released the same day and share design – you can’t have one and not the other, in other words) I still find myself struggling to justify why this gets to be higher than that. And, believe it or not, I’ve actually been stressed about this!

And another thing that annoys me with the lists is that I can’t possibly have heard all of the year’s releases that I wanted to. I know for a fact that within the next few months I’ll likely pick up more than a few 2004 releases that would easily replace others on my list in the top 10. But I have to go with what I know and what I could afford . . . (yes, this is another teaser – the lists are coming soon, I swear.)



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