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December 21, 2004

Santamas and all that

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Well, as you few regular visitors probably guessed, the site’s been taking a back seat to that other preoccupation I have, living. So, yeah, there are a few things that need reworking after my comment-spam idiocy a couple weeks ago (like my comments page – real, real ugly CSS issues there,) and come next week that crap’ll get taken care of.

As of tomorrow at approximately 3:30, I am off from work for 11 full days. Let me repeat that: ELEVEN DAYS! My company gives us two days off for the Santamas holiday and since it falls on Saturday this year we get the two days prior to that off. And since we have one day off next week for New Year’s, I decided to just make a big vacation out of it by taking four of my own vacation days. That’s a pretty good bargain – using only four of my fifteen paid vacation days nets me over a week and a half away from work. You just can’t pass up a deal like that.

So what am I doing with my time? Nothing! I’ll probably be going stir-crazy by Tuesday, but that’s okay – that just means I’ve hit the top of my rest-curve and then maybe I’ll get somewhat productive. Tentative plans are to sit on the couch and watch a bunch of the music DVDs I’ve bought and never gotten to see, and then maybe to wax my car using the proven Meguiar’s three-step process (which results in a glass-smooth finish) – that takes quite a long time, as you can imagine (basically, it’s like waxing your car four times – once with a clay bar to remove nasty road residue that embeds into the old wax and paint, the second to strip your old wax, the third polishes, and the fourth is the actual wax.) There’s also a number of small project around the house . . . not to mention fixing up this here site. I’ll be busy, but I’ll make sure not to be too busy, otherwise I might as well have worked that week anyway.

As has been the case in the past, Santamas brings more excitement for me in giving the gifts to my family. I got some really good stuff for my loved ones this year (yes, I do know they’re reading this – and yes, I do love torturing them.) This ranks as one of the more fun Christmases I’ve had as an adult, actually. What more can you ask for? I mean, not only do I get to have fun giving these gifts that I stressed and slaved over, making sure I got just the right things, I’ll wind up getting some of my own. It sounds like typical holiday ass-kissing, but I really would be happy enough just giving. I give to myself plenty all year round. Ask me if I’ll refuse gifts, however . . .

And so, with that, I realize I’m probably posting for the last time before Christmas and will hopefully be back with a much-refreshed site shortly after that. Merry Santamas, everyone!



  1. Enjoy your vacation.

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