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December 29, 2004

My first “random 10 from the Ipod” list

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I think I saw Spencer do one of these a while ago and I’ve been waiting to participate since then. The rules? Set your digital-audio player of choice to random and list the first 10. Mine’s an interesting list, seeing as I’ve only gotten up to about “C” in my collection transfer, with a few digressions outside of that for things I absolutely had to have on there:

1. Gorillaz – “Slow Country”
2. Neu! – “Sonderangebot”
3. Beastie Boys – “In 3’s”
4. Bjork – “Possibly Maybe”
5. The Beatles – “Taxman”
6. Can – “Outside My Door”
7. Gorillaz – “Dracula”
8. Rush – “Scars” (Fitting that it’s in my first random play, as it’s from the first CD I transferred to the Ipod.)
9. Rush – “Between The Wheels”
10. Praxis – “Inferno/Heatseeker/Exploded Heart”



  1. I love the Friday Random 10’s … I got lazy about it over the break, but it’s still great fun—even if I get some of the wife’s 80’s crap occasionally. I just wish I knew who originated it so I could thank them.

    Comment by Super! Geek — January 6, 2005 @ 10:23 am | Reply

  2. Friday Random Ten (No Recess Edition)
    You know the drill! Well, if you don’t, you’ll learn, damnit! In your fave music player, cue up every song you own. Set the player to random/shuffle. List the first 10 songs that it spits out… Bob & Tom —…

    Trackback by Super! Geek — January 7, 2005 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

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