Known Johnson

April 3, 2005

Nugget updates

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And here’s the little Unknown Johnson at 19 weeks, a profile of his/her beautiful little face. Of all the amazing things we’ve seen (and now heard, having gotten to hear the heartbeat last week,) this is by far the most amazing of all. This is the first time I can put a face to our little one, even though it’s hard to make out much in this single image. The video reveals much more detail in the face as the baby shifts left and right, and there are the briefest of glimpses of lips, nose, browline, etc. It’s truly stunning. And when I get the video transferred into the computer, I’ll try and cut that little snippet out because it really is so amazing.

The doctor pronounced our little one as looking perfectly aligned with whatever things they look for at this stage in the pregnancy. Watching the ever-growing nugget fidget and squirm in there as the technician moved the unit back and forth was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced. We’ve seen the little one move before, but never in such detail, such as the humorous moments where we could see little hands popping out as if to tell the technician to knock off all the jostling. It’s breathtaking to see that there’s this tiny little life in there going about its business as if nothing else on the outside world existed.

We chose not to find out the sex of the baby, so any opportunity to do so has now passed as it’s unlikely a situation where we might see it again will arise in the next 20 weeks or so. I don’t really care – all I want is a little human, and we’re certain it is definitely that.


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  1. isn’t it amazing to see how much they actually move when they are in there?

    good to hear everything is going to plan.

    Comment by marc — April 4, 2005 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

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