Known Johnson

April 10, 2005

You are sick of Ipod-related stories

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. . . yet here’s another one.

Having reached the 34gb point on my 40gb Ipod, I suddenly became gripped with the desire to mix things up a little today. I had been contemplating what I would do when I hit the magic number of 37gb, the point at which my Ipod is stuffed full of music and can hold no more, and figured I’d just remove and replace things when needed. But today I thought maybe before I get to that point I’d just wipe it clean and start fresh, reloading only what I felt I absolutely needed to have with me. So this morning I did just that, spending a nervous few minutes while the Ipod Updater worked its formatting magic upon my wonderful toy, hoping that when the Ipod was refreshed it would come back to life easily. There was a moment of terror when the Ipod wasn’t recognized, but unplugging and replugging it back in got Windows to recognize it again, and I began dragging over albums and artists that I knew I’d want. End result? I packed 16gb back on there immediately, then added 5 more throughout the day as I remembered this or that artist or album that needed to be on there, without doubt.

Really, it was nothing, just a meaningless exercise to keep the game fresh. I’d gotten tired of seeing some artists pop up over and over (see Friday’s complaint about excessive Beatles music in shuffle mode) and this will result in entirely new “random” patterns in shuffle mode (because there do seem to be some patterns in the “random” selection techniques the Ipod uses. I can’t pinpoint what they are, but I do seem to notice a similarity in how it picks music.)

And I know, after a few weeks I’ll likely have most of the same stuff back on there that was there to begin with. But that’s just part of the fun, I suppose . . .



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