Known Johnson

April 15, 2005


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I don’t quite get taxes. The government has all this information on us – they know our social security numbers, birthdates, where we work, how much we get paid for working there, etc. – yet every year they hand us all the paper work and say, “Here, you figure this out for us.” Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to just take care of the taxes for us and send us detailed paperwork explaining what they did? Because I sure as hell hate doing this crap every year.

And how come when you’re filling out your W-4 forms for every job you get, you never get any tips on what any of what you’re filling out really means? For friggin’ years now Alissa and I have had to pay extra money on our taxes each April 15. We’ve never been able to figure out why. It’s only now, thanks to the glory of the internet, that we’ve finally possibly figured out what it is that’s screwing things up. No details, but in short, I’m basically still have taxes taken on my salary at the same level I did over 8 years ago as a single man. Every year that we’ve been married we’ve faced the same grim outcome – fork over some more cash – yet were never given any indication of why we were doing so, nor any hints as to how to prevent it the next year. Luckily, for fiscal-year 2005, Alissa and I will have a happy, beautiful little deduction to add into the mix. Maybe then we’ll actually not have to fill out any checks to the government. If we’re real lucky, we might just be signing some checks that get deposited into our checking account this time.



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