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April 24, 2005

Trading spaces

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Things are slowly beginning to kick into a higher gear around here. We’ve been creeping along getting things ready for the baby, but the major stumbling blocks are going to be out of the way as of today. There’s been a million legitimate excuses for why we haven’t gotten very far until now, but that’s about to change.

The two small bedrooms in the house have been, essentially, for each of us – I had “my room” with my computer and CDs in it, and she had “her room” which had her computer and, well, just a bunch of stuff. And by a “bunch of stuff,” I mean piles of things that had no other place to go and which now must either find a place to be stored or find its way to the garbage or charities.

We had already decided that “her room” would become the baby room, and I would move my computer and stuff out to the front room of the house, which would become a sort of office type of space for me. Up until now this room has been pretty empty, serving more as a space for all the really ugly stuff we didn’t want to see – old boxes, exercise equipment, etc. The old boxes are gone, sliced to shreds and carted off by the recycling truck a couple weeks back, and the exercise equipment has been moved further forward in the room to make space for a big new desk bought from Ikea.

What I’m going to do with my approximately 1800 CDs, I don’t know yet – I didn’t say we solved all of the problems yet!

A couple weeks back, after realizing there was no cable in that front room and hence no internet connection, my dad and I ran 70 feet of cable all the way around the house, underground, through the wall, and into the room. It really wasn’t as big a project as it may sound like it was – it took a few hours, total. I got a wireless router and card for Alissa’s computer and just yesterday installed that with all the security stuff setup, too, in only about an hour, which pretty much shocked me. We then went out and got a ceiling fan for the front room, as it gets pretty hot out there. Today I have no excuses: the ceiling fan must go up, and this computer must be out of this room so that Alissa’s can go in here and that room can be cleaned out.

So on the eve of being exactly four months from the arrival of the Unknown Johnson, we’re now really beginning to do something to prepare for that momentous occasion. There’s a lot more work to do, however . . . so no celebrating yet.


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  1. two things

    1) We have 10 days until baby 2’s due date and we are still doing things in the nursery so don’t feel that other people have their shit together ‘cos they don’t 🙂

    2) After moving from the UK i really miss ikea 😦

    Comment by marc — April 25, 2005 @ 3:06 am | Reply

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