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May 4, 2005

Crosseyed and Pain[ful]

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The previous weekend’s plans didn’t quite get finished up like I’d hoped – the ceiling fan was up, lights were running, but that was about all. My computer still sat, running, in one room and Alissa’s in the other, until Sunday morning when I finally had some free time to dive into moving them. And wouldn’t you know it, what should have been a very simple little project was one stupid problem after another.

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the mere act of moving this computer from one room to another was enough to kill our wireless network for whatever reason. An hour or so was spent attempting to get the two computers to reconnect to the internet – and this computer is actually linked directly to the router, not wireless. Eventually something worked – I have no idea what – and everything was back to normal.

Following that, I moved our brand new 20″ TV (with built-in DVD,) which was a gift from my parents for our nearly shared birthdays back in February. Having checked a couple of weekends ago that my add-on cable project worked, I had left it connected and plugged in. I unplugged the power cable Sunday afternoon, grabbed the TV to move it out of the way, and a second or two heard a loud “clonk” as the white cable TV wire flung loose from the back of the set. I put the TV down, examined it quickly and everything seemed to be fine . . . until I realized that the cable still had the male end of the cable input attached. Sure enough, there was a hole in the back of the TV where the male input should have been. Did I mention that this was a BRAND NEW TV?

Having recovered from that incredibly stupid moment, I set about moving everything else. I got Alissa’s computer moved into the other room and set about connecting the various cables to the back of the PC. At some point, I jumped up to grab something further away and slammed my head, full speed, into an open drawer. I struck with such force that most of the items that had been set atop the desk’s hutch came tumbling down on my head, but I was too busy to notice. For the briefest of moments, my head did something I could never imagine: it cleared entirely of all thought, and it felt as if I was floating. I made some sort of resigned, powerless sound like “Gaaaw,” and a moment later some more choice words – more powerful words – streamed from my mouth as the pain settled in. I stumbled my way down the hall, assuming I’d see a stream of blood coursing down my skull . . . only to find what looked like a minor scrape. I was a tad disappointed – the pain I felt was surely more significant than this tiny amount of damage. As I quickly found out, it’s not what it looks like on the outside. It’s what it felt like on the inside.

So for the past three days or so I’ve been suffering with a pretty nasty headache. I dealt with it at work Monday and then took Tuesday off to recover a bit more, and it wasn’t until I explained to Alissa how it felt that she realized what it was – a mild concussion. Sure enough, googling it provided me with page after page of similar symptoms. Treatment? Not much, just deal with it. So I am, and gladly I can say that today was only interspersed with brief periods of extreme headachiness. However, should this continue for another couple of days, I suppose I should see the doctor . . .

And this is yet another reason why I don’t like moving.


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