Known Johnson

May 6, 2005

Various and sundry, vol. 31, 453

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  • Today is No Diet Day. You know how to celebrate that.
  • Today is also “new glasses day,” but only for Alissa and I, and anyone else getting new glasses today, I guess. In an attempt to be even more geeky (you know, in addition to having birthdays one day apart, being the same height, same hair and eye color, being so alike people might mistake us for siblings rather than spouses) we are both getting brand new glasses today. Alissa’s got some weird thing with her eyes where the cornea gets wrinkled from being dry, and since she’s pregnant she can’t take any of the medications to treat it. So it’s back to glasses for her for a while. Me, I’m replacing a pair, under warranty, that have gotten extremely scratched up due to the clip-on sunglasses rubbing on the right lens. I’m getting an entirely new pair of glasses with different sunglass clip-on locations so that won’t happen again. Knowing my luck, I will promptly drop my glasses right onto their immaculate new lenses within about 72 hours of picking them up. Oh, and for the record, we are not getting identical glasses. At least we have one non-geeky thing in our favor.
  • That’s a short list this time. Sorry – I really should make better use of lists. Two items is just not enough to justify it.


  1. You should get the glasses that tint in the sunlight, therefore preventing the scratching from the sunglasses that clip on. My mom loves her pair.

    Comment by Bekah — May 6, 2005 @ 7:54 am | Reply

  2. two items isn’t a list, it’s a brace 🙂

    yeah – photochromatic rules according to my dad!

    Comment by marc — May 7, 2005 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

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