Known Johnson

May 17, 2005

Vanna for Amana*

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In the middle of a staff meeting, a coworker of mine noticed that I’d gotten new glasses, which are “pewter” colored, and quietly asked if we have stainless-steel appliances in our kitchen, deducing from my eyewear an interest in stainless-steel type things, I suppose. “Normally,” I replied, “I try to match my eyewear with my kitchen appliances, but they were out of almond-white enamal frames, so I went with the pewter instead,” to which he responded with barely-stifled laughter. I found out afterward that he had this vision of me wearing round, Elton John-like white-framed glasses, standing among our white appliances, gesturing as if I was a hostess on a game show.

*We have no Amana appliances, but it suited the theme, so there you go.


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