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May 22, 2005

Weekend roundup

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  1. Glucose test: checked off the list o’ things to do. Now we just wait and hear back the prognosis. And what is the test? Drink something that looks like orange soda (but, as Alissa reports, tastes only like completely flat orange soda,) wait an hour, and then have some blood drawn for testing. Unfortunately, since gestational diabetes usually shows no signs for the mother, there’s absolutely no way to guess what the likely outcome will be. It’s not like it’s something that’s a threat to the pregnancy – if Alissa were positive, she’ll have to undergo another one of these tests – three hours long this time – and if that turned up positive, too, then she’d simply have to watch her diet a bit closer, and, I guess, the baby may have to be delivered a little early or by C-section or something (not totally clear on this – forgive me if I’m wrong) because it would grow too large too quickly.
  2. Saw Star Wars . . . and I won’t repeat what you can likely read everywhere else except to say that it is better than the last two, but it’s still not as much fun in general as the original three were. And, yeah, that idiotic Jar Jar makes an appearance – but that is all. One appearance, and thankfully it’s silent
  3. The baby’s room has been emptied completely, paint has been bought, and today I began actually painting! I got all of the corners, the ceiling joints, and trim areas painted – the tricky areas – and so now I can easily and fairly quickly roll on the rest of the paint. I may tackle this one night this week (but not Wednesday, that’s for sure: Lost two hour finale!) I’m very excited and completely daunted by the prospect of the project that lays ahead of me. I won’t reveal my plans, but it will most definitely push my skills to limits that have not been approached in many years. Truthfully, it feels pretty good to be challenged by something again.
  4. We picked up our crib Sunday morning. The top of the box is stamped “fragile.” “Fra-jee-lay – it must be Italian!”. Well, actually, it is!. (Ours is white, not natural. And yes, that’s likely to be the only hint I give about the baby room decorations until I’m finished. Evil, I know.) It sits packed up in its shipping box among all the other boxes and junk that have been removed from the baby’s room. It’ll likely be the only item from all of that which goes in that room.
  5. Watched Voyage to the Planets and Beyond on Discovery Channel and I have to highly recommend this thing. It’s presented like a movie, with actors portraying astronauts on a trip around the solar system as well as specialists back home monitoring the trip, but a narrator breaks in occasionally to provide additional information. Sounds boring, I know, but it was really fascinating – it was filmed exactly like NASA space events are filmed and the special effects were, for the most part, extremely realistic. The shots of the spacecraft were nearly always realistic – had you not known the craft Pegasus didn’t exist, you’d swear that they were real photos of the real thing in space. Discovery got this right on – the cameras would blow out the highlights exactly the way NASA’s cameras frequently do when in the high-contrast environment of space. But not only that, the actual story was engrossing and realistic, aside from a few too many traumatic events (which I won’t hold against them – I understand that they were trying to show how dangerous long-term spaceflight can and will be to humans, and it worked.) This is the first time I’ve watched the Discovery Channel in a long time and felt like I actually learned something – and didn’t see a bunch of motorcycles being built. Do check it out.

That doesn’t seem like much, but that took up the entire weekend. And it went by entirely too fast. And I’m sore as hell from painting, bent into weird shapes to get places I need to get. That’s what getting old does to you.


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  1. that’s a good looking crib……

    Comment by marc — May 24, 2005 @ 2:12 am | Reply

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