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May 29, 2005

Bob Mould – a tiny taster of Body of Song

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YepRoc, Bob Mould’s current label, has a preview of a great, absolutely great new song from his upcoming album, Body of Song, available here (at the moment it’s #1 on the list.) Bob managed to reign in his techno exploration that utterly destroyed his previous album, the abominable modulate (it ranks as one of the worst things I’ve ever heard by an artist I really respect,) and balances it with that great, razor-sharp guitar sound he’s so known for. I’m also equally enthused after hearing another song, “(Shine Your) Light Love Hope,” even with the awful Cher-type effect (known in the industry as AutoTune – just think of the song she had a few years back “I Believe,”) which is available, legally or not, here. Yeah, the vocal effect irritates the hell out of me, too, but otherwise it’s a great song. Could this be his best album since Sugar’s File Under Easy Listening? I think it might be. Check out those two songs, then head right over to the YepRoc site and order the deluxe edition of his album, due out July 26, because it comes with 9 extra songs and apparently will not be available in stores. You know you want this.


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