Known Johnson

July 1, 2005

Innie to outie

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Of all the amazing things that have happened to Alissa’s body over the past 32 weeks, she is the most stunned by the slow disappearance of her bellybutton. It’s not the acrobatics show that seems to constantly be going on in the growing bubble on her torso, as if there’s a very small circus contained inside, but simply the temporary shallowing of her bellybutton. “It’s weird!” is a common statement. Maybe there’s some kind of “life comes full circle” type statement here . . . the very thing that provided her nutrition for the first 9 months of her life now slowly recedes as a new life does the same inside here. There’s probably something very poetic to be said about that, but for now I guess I’ll go with her own words: “It’s weird!”


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