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July 4, 2005

Audioscrobbler for your Ipod

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I’ve been seeing people using Audioscrobbler to keep track of what they listen to in Itunes and thought it was a pretty cool idea. I’d certainly like to be able to look back at what I was listening to months ago and see how it’s holding up over time. The problem I had with it was that it only worked with Itunes and not your Ipod, the problem there being that I really don’t listen to music in Itunes. My Ipod sees many hours of usage a day, but since I have far too many gigabytes of space to load onto my Ipod, I don’t auto-sync, and so Itunes doesn’t keep track of what I play on my Ipod. Not anymore! By installing the little app found here on your computer (as well as signing up at the Audioscrobbler site) and carefully following the instructions, whenever you connect your Ipod to your computer, you run that app and it will update your playcounts at the site (nothing appears to change in Itunes, even though it must use it to connect, or something like that.) An important thing to note before you do this: set Itunes and your Ipod to not automatically open Itunes. As soon as Itunes opens and finds your Ipod, your file-usage stats are wiped clean, and this Audioscrobbler plugin won’t do what it needs to do. It states this on the page, but it’s below the instructions for how to install and use it, and might seem a bit confusing at first.

And where’s my Audioscrobbler page, you ask? Right here.

Update: Of course as soon as I recommend something like this, their site is having problems and the database is inaccessible, so you can neither add new info nor see old info, at least in my case. Check back later if you’re trying.


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