Known Johnson

July 11, 2005

Crib notes

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A note to potential crib-constructors: before attempting to put your new crib together, make sure that it will fit through the doorways in your house!

I very nearly had a disaster tonight, as I pulled the very heavy, very large box for our crib into our living room to assemble. After a lot of tugging and coercing, I finally managed to convince the box-within-a-box out, then unwrapped the individual parts from a bunch of cardboard sheets. I had all the parts laid out and was about to begin assembling the crib when a thought struck me.

I looked at the width of the end-pieces and something didn’t seem right. I carried one of the end-pieces to the baby’s room and laid it up against the threshold of the door. It was just as I feared – in one of those strange clashes of coincidence and fate, the doorway was a mere half-inch too slender for the assembled crib to make it through (and would have required removing the door even if it had managed to slip through the doorway.) I had no choice but to drag the crib’s parts back into the baby’s room to assemble there . . . except that room was still full of painting paraphrenalia.

After cleaning it out, giving it a full, thorough vacuuming, I finally got the parts in there and was ready to begin working . . . when I realized that this was fate yelling at me to stop before I did anything stupid. I’m tired from a day of work, a bad previous night’s sleep, and my brain is just in no state to be taking on any tasks, especially not on a beautiful, specially-ordered crib like this. I got all the parts in there, turned off the light, and closed the door. The crib will wait for another night.


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