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July 11, 2005


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I haven’t done an Ipod-related post in quite a while, strangely. It’s such a constant companion that I’ve sort of come to ignore its presence, and it’s only when I take CDs with me that I realize how much I miss it. Having gotten my fair share of CDs in the mail recently, I got sidetracked on ripping them in Itunes and resorted to carrying a few of the discs with me to work or just out and about. On the plus-side for CDs, I don’t have to worry about leaving them in the car on these incredibly hot days – just make sure they’re hidden away from the sun’s rays and they’ll likely be fine. Not so with the Ipod – if it goes with me, it has to go with me everywhere. They’re tough and sure handle uintentional abuse (mine recently took a four-foot plunge and, thanks to my ISkin, suffered nary a scratch – and worked perfect immediately afterward) but they’re simply not up to handling the scorching heat of an Arizona summer (temps in a car can reach into the 150s, from what I’ve read.) Of course, the big downside with CDs is the lack of selection, plain and simple. I’ve grown very accustomed to having upwards of 7500 songs with me at all times. In fact, there’s no way I could ever happily go back to life without an Ipod.

What’s amazing to me is that, more than six months after getting it, I’m still ripping music from my CD collection. Just tonight I finally began ripping my King’s X CDs, after coming very close to having everything Iron Maiden ripped (I still have a couple sets to rip, actually.) And there’s plenty more in my collection that has yet to be ripped. As of right now, I have about 65 gb of audio available for my Ipod, a 40 gb model, which means I always have to make choices as to what does and does not make it onto the Ipod. It’s not as tough as it seems. For instance, while all this metal is ripping, I’ve pulled a number of Elvis Costello albums off that just didn’t feel “fresh” anymore, since my Ipod’s shuffle seems to really like Costello. I do too, but I don’t need to hear him as often as every other song, as my Ipod has been known to do. So, for a while, I’ll get my with a minimal amount of Elvis . . . and then in a fury dump a bunch of other stuff to reload everything Costello. That’s how it goes, and it’s pretty entertaining. You just don’t get that kind of cheap thrill with CDs.


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