Known Johnson

July 13, 2005

Agony of de feet, redux

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Those of you waiting with baited breath for news of my feet-oriented dilemma may relax now: Dr. Foot says I need orthotics. News! Not really – I’ve known that for years. Unfortunately, it turns out that my insurance doesn’t cover such glamorous contraptions as orthotics, so it’s up to me to foot the $350 bill for them. Or not. It’s my decision. Apparently, according to some recent studies, custom orthotics aren’t of any particular benefit over the over-the-counter Dr. Scholl’s type of pre-fabbed orthotics. I guess I can understand their reluctance to pay for those. I just don’t like it.

So, now it’s up to me to either replace the ones I have in my shoes every few months for the rest of my life or foot the bill (sorry, I really like using that) for these one-time purchase orthotics. It should come as no surprise that, due to a certain giant life-event, we’re going to opt for the former choice. It’s annoying, and I’ll likely forget until way past when I need to replace these orthotics, but it’s cheap for the present.

The good thing to come of this is that I know now, after a month with these orthotics, that I really can’t go without them for long. I’ve tested my feet a few times by going without and have found myself in pain by the end of the day. If I put them back in the next day, I get back to normal fairly quickly. It seems, however, that no matter what, any long periods of time on my feet is going to result in pain. There seems to be no way around that. If I can gain some day-to-day easing of my discomfort, I’m happy, and that’s how it’s going to have to be. It’s not so bad – in a little over a month, I’m probably going to have plenty going on to distract me from my foot pain.


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