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July 17, 2005


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And now, after many weeks of work, it can be revealed: the Room of the Unknown Johnson (please forgive me some really bad framing – I had a limited amount of space to work within.)

I finally managed to get the crib together the other night after deciphering instructions that didn’t really jibe with the illustrations. Oh, they looked like they matched up, but when putting the instructions into practice, it became pretty difficult to determine exactly what it was they wanted me to do. The brown layer is a piece of cardboard from the box, in case one of the kitties manages to jump into the empty crib – there’s nothing there but a wire spring until we get a mattress.

Partially cut off is our amazing bargain-find – the $79 Kmart glider that is nearly identical to the ones Babies R Us sells for three or four times as much. And it is so comfortable:

Another cheap find, this changing table comes from and was considerably cheaper – including shipping – than anywhere else, and also happened to look like it was made to match the crib:

This dresser has history, at least family history. This dresser was my dresser as a baby and I used it until I was a 10 or 12 years old. My dad cobbled this together, from what I understand, from an even older falling-apart hulk and whatever spare wood he found that suited the need. When I stopped using it, in lieu of some more “grown up” style dressers, my dad continued to use it to store various things in. When we expressed our shock at how expensive simple baby-oriented dressers were, my parents took it upon themselves to strip off the many layers of paint (including a very 70s orange and yellow theme that I vaguely remember) and got it ready for us.

And some details of the sheep:

It kind of stuns me that I spent two months, or about 45-50 hours spread over those two months, on this room, because it looks so simple. I guess that’s always the way it goes – whatever you slave over is what winds up looking like it must have been easy. We do have a few small things to finish up in there – a new window-shade solution would be nice to replace the very cheap mini-blinds and a ceiling fan is now a priority. After spending so much time in the stagnant air of that room, there’s no doubt about it. We’re also not entirely sure that the current layout of furniture is quite right. The crib will stay were it is – I planned it out so that corner would be where the crib was placed, but we may end up moving the dresser to the opposite wall and putting the glider into that corner. Essentially, however, I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief this weekend. The most important work is done. There is, however, a huge amount of organizing of junk from around the house, but that doesn’t feel “important” like this room, so let’s call the important work done. Well, my important work. Alissa’s got a big task in 6 weeks, but there’s not much I can do there other than be there to offer encouragement . . . maybe some ice chips . . . someone to yell at . . .


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