Known Johnson

July 24, 2005

30 days

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Here we are, just hours from being exactly 30 days away from Alissa’s due date. In some ways, I look at that amount of time and think, “30 days? That’s a lot of time . . . ” for, say, mail, or to be reunited with a long-lost loved one. And then the rest of the time I think “30 days?! How the hell are we going to be ready for this tiny, very needy little person in only 30 days?” And so I occupy myself doing little things here and there, trying to finish up whatever tasks we have left. The problem I’m running into is that I think, maybe, I’m creating new tasks for myself hoping to keep myself completely and totally occupied for the next month . . . so I don’t have time worry and obsess over things that are essentially completely out of my control.

Take today, for example. We had a number of relatively small task that need to be taken care of fairly soon, but not immediately. One of those tasks was getting a ceiling fan hung in the Unknown Johnson’s room, which we bought last night. Now, you’d think that, were I so concerned about getting things done, I’d have jumped out of bed immediately this morning to get working on it. Instead, I got up, had some breakfast, checked out websites, ripped a few CDs for my Ipod . . . all totally nonessential tasks. By the time we finally got moving, around 1 today, I’d really accomplished nothing of substance. We still have piles of books in the hallway that need to find a home. We still have gatherings of various odd things to go through to see if we still want, and if so, find a home for them. We have boxes and things to sort. But how much of that was actually taken care of? None of it. Instead, I’d managed to watch a couple of TV shows I had no interest in, read the parts of the paper (which could have waited,) and basically avoided doing much of anything. By the time we left, it was well into the afternoon. We ate some lunch then hit a couple stores but walked out with basically nothing we needed. I came home, ripped some more CDs in Itunes, then finally got around to installing the ceiling fan.

And then I didn’t. When we bought this fan last night, it was with the belief that, even though it comes with a light kit, it came with a cap to close off the open end if one was to choose not to use the light kit. Wrong. I came to this conclusion only after emptying the box. I consulted the Home Depot and Lowe’s websites and found that, basically, Home Depot just doesn’t carry non-lighted fans like we wanted, but Lowe’s did. So I packed up the box, returned it to Home Depot, and drove way down to Lowe’s to pick up the fan. Of course, it’s never simple, and I came to find out after walking around for 10 minutes looking for this particular fan, and a call home to Alissa to check the one I’d found on the website, that they mislabeled it on the site. Regardless, they had the fan, so I grabbed it, left . . . and went to Zia.

By the time I got home, Alissa was hungry but not for anything we had, and she specifically wanted pizza. So pizza it was, so off we went for pizza – not that I’m complaining, because I’ll eat pizza pretty much anytime I can. We got home close to sunset, and I had a task to do that I’d forgotten many times, so out I went to check on the drips in the yard, the plants around which seemed to be suffering from lack of water. I quickly determined that the drips seemed to fine, so I changed the watering schedule, but noticed that there were a lot of leaves and flower petals beginning to rot out there. So I grabbed the blower and went to work . . . like I said, I seem to find new projects for myself that prevent me from finishing others, and this was no different – an hour later, and it’s nearly completely dark outside, I find myself drenched in sweat, scooping up an enormous pile of plant debris that I can barely see. I realized then that I’m still not finished – from blowing the junk around, I’d pretty badly messed up the gravel, so I had to rake the yard (again, in the dark.) By the time I came back in, it was nearly 8:30, and I still had not done anything with the ceiling fan. Well, it was just going to have to wait, because there’s no way I’m starting on that so late in the day.

But my day wasn’t done . . . something still itched at me, and that was the fact that my Ipod is very nearly completely full, making it hard to load new stuff on without having to figure out what to delete (I know – that’s FORTY gigabytes of mp3s, about 7000 songs, and I’m fretting over what to delete.) So, before taking a shower, I cued up the latest Ipod Updater and wiped my Ipod clean. After my shower, I picked out several thousand must-have songs and sent them slipping through the ether to my Ipod. Nearly two hours later, it’s only half-way through that task. And I’d wanted to run a badly needed defrag routine on my Itunes drive . . . not tonight, unfortunately. Like the ceiling fan, and the books, and the rest of the tidying up around here, it’s just going to have to wait.


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