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July 24, 2005


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Alissa had her shower last weekend, but not being there I can’t really tell you what happened. I know there was cake, and there were some tiny bags of Sweettart-like candies and various nuts, and a lot of big boxes. Not least of which was not one, not two, but THREE strollers, and unless I’ve completely missed some really big news, we only need one of those. We made out really well, however, getting nearly ever major item on our registry, including my most-desired baby-related thing, a Baby Bjorn carrier. I’ve been eyeing these since well before we knew Alissa was pregnant. I can think of nothing cooler than being able strap the little UJ to my chest and go do things. The ultimate accessory! And babies go so well with pretty much any ensemble, so I’m sure to be styling in everything I wear.

The only problem is that, due to being, as the Baby Bjorn manual states, a “larger parent” (meaning “American, and not a perfect, slender, stunningly photogenic Scandinavian”,) the carrier requires a different strap, otherwise my “larger parent”ness will probably crush our tiny baby. So that’s another must-buy item . . . that I can’t find anywhere to buy! The official site yields nothing – it’s like they’re denying they even have to create something for us Americans and the only thing I turn up are on dodgy sites that I’ve never heard of. If a product’s not available on the manufacturer’s site or the Amazon-backed Babies R Us site, it’s pretty touchy whether you can trust these little sites. And while I’m always willing to save a buck or two by buying used on Ebay . . . there’s something weird about buying something this important on Ebay, used, possibly damaged, who knows? At last, after digging through the results on Google, there’s a name I recognize – BabyCenter, who have nursed my desire for knowledge these past eight months. It’s pricey, but no worse than anywhere else I found, trustworthy or no – $40.45, which is almost half the price of the carrier itself. I do like the reviews, however, as one mom notes that the strap “allow[s] Daddy to carry baby (he’s a guy with broad shoulders)”. Did you see that – broad shoulders, not fat. BabyCenter gets my business just for that.


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