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August 8, 2005

I get it

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Some of my very least favorite phrases that I’ve been hearing a lot of lately:

  1. “Get used to it!”
  2. “Just wait!”

And that list would look a lot more dramatic if it had, say, 10 entries in it, but you see the thing is that I hear this often enough to make up for it being such a shoddy waste of the list tags in HTML.

Tired? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Worn out? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Broke? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” House is a mess? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Don’t know what to have for dinner? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Back hurts? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Feet hurt? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Wanted to see a movie this weekend but didn’t get to? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” Tired of jumping cactus? “Get used to it!”/”Just wait!” . . . wait . . . nevermind that one.

You get the point. What’s more, I get the point, and I got it a long time ago. I got it the first time someone said that to me in response to a long rough night. I get it: Just wait! If I think I’m sleepy/worn out/tired/annoyed/etc. now, I better get used to it because I don’t know sleepy/worn out/tired/annoyed/etc. until I’ve got a kid to take care of. I GET IT. Despite evidence you may have to the contrary, you’re not the first to have said it – you’re not even the 58th. The thing that most people don’t get is that tired is a constant – there are varying degrees of it, to be sure, but tired is tired. I can be really tired if I have a baby waking me up every two hours. I can be really tired if, say, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down). I can be tired if a storm wakes me up with big claps of thunder. I won’t go on – you get it, too, I’m sure.

Now I’m thinking that maybe I need to print up a shirt like this:

And when someone offers me that sage piece of advice, I’ll just point to the shirt and go on about my day. And then when we do have the baby, and I’m tired, when someone makes a comment about being tired, I’ll just say something like “You remember that time when I’d been up all night tossing and turning, and you told me ‘Just wait!’? I’m actually about that tired right now, even though I was up all night with the baby.”

You know what I do like hearing? It’s really simple: if I say I’m tired, instead of resorting to something I’ve heard a billion times, why not try something else, something I rarely hear? “It’s so worth it.”


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