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August 10, 2005

Tales of a second-grade nothing

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Unearthed, or unboxed, maybe, by my parents a couple of weeks ago, I have a treasure trove of my own ancient history to go through in the form of a big box filled with my first-through-sixth grade writing and drawings. The impression I came away with after digging through the box is that I was a weird kid obsessed with volcanoes and the space shuttle. As an adult, I’m still pretty obsessed with the space shuttle. And pretty weird. Anyway, here’s the first of a series of just plain very weird things I created as a kid . . . because even I am perplexed at some of this stuff.

2nd Grade hostages

You can’t really blame a just-about-to-turn-8 year old for failing to grasp the gravity of the situation involving the hostages in Tehran (which I called “TehIran” – close.) Apparently my soundbite upon arriving in Tehran would have been “Hi mom!”

(This also marks my first Flickr entry. I’m tired of worrying about moving things that I want on this site, or losing them altogether in a horrific server crash. It can happen.)


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