Known Johnson

August 16, 2005

King’s X: Ogre Tones preview

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King’s X fans are urged, nay, ordered to head over to either Ty’s or D(o)ug’s myspace page to check out the preview of the first single, “Alone,” from their new album, Ogre Tones. First impressions are that it’s a great song – the kind of stuff we’ve been hoping for from King’s X for a long time. Not to diminish Please Come Home . . . Mr. Bulbous and parts of Manic Moonlight, because there were some fantastic elements there, but this truly sounds like King’s X. It seems like they finally realized that the place for the “King’s X sound” is actually on a King’s X album (as opposed to using their solo vehicles (D(o)ug’s Poundhound discs and solo album, Ty’s solo albums/Jelly Jam/Platypus, and Jerry his own solo album) to express the King’s X sound . . . weird.) Also be sure and check out Ty’s and D(o)ug’s other material – these guys just write great music. Very little of it’s been disappointing (Ty’s Platypus project failed to ignite any interest in me, don’t know why exactly, and Jerry’s solo album seemed, well, amateurish, but pretty much everything else is excellent. These guys put out a LOT of music between the three of them.)


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