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August 28, 2005

Baby news

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For those checking in for the latest baby-related news, let me make it short: no. Not yet. Anything can happen between now and 11pm Sunday night when Alissa is due to be induced, but at this point it’s looking like modern medicine will step in for mother Nature.

Oh, and in case anyone pregnant out there is looking for tips where to walk at night to help encourage your little one out, skip Walmart at 10:30 on a Saturday night. (Well, try and skip Walmart altogether if you can. Walmart sucks.) Plan your walking time earlier in the evening when you have a choice of where to go to walk . . . not only do most Walmarts exhibit a disturbingly strong, sewery odor upon entrance (what is up with that?!) their cashiers are also painfully slow when there’s no urgent need to get through your line. Seriously, it feels like we spent nearly as much time waiting in line to buy the one package of film I needed for the hospital as we did walking around. The cashier, “Pat,” may also have succeeded in being the worst cashier I’ve ever dealt with. First she completely screwed up the very simple purchase of the guy in front of us, then added my film in with his purchase. When I told her that was mine, she removed it from his stuff and stuck it in the piles of many things of the lady behind me. I removed it from her pile, put it back down in front of the little separator that I had laid down specifically for that, and when she used the film to remove the price from the total of the guy in front of me, she once again put it back down in the stuff belonging to the woman behind me. She then advanced the belt, driving the flat hanger portion of the box under the spot where the belt goes under the scanner. I slipped it out again and just held it until she was ready for me, and when she finally got to me, she started to grab at the items from the lady behind me until I held up my film and said, “Just the film,” to which she said, “Just this?” I stiffly smiled as best I could and nodded.

I paid cash and Pat went to the trouble of putting my change on the little raised platform for the debit/credit card machine – cash here, coins there, reciept next to them – which I then had to maneuver into my hand. She then turned and immediately began handling the woman behind us – and I still didn’t have my film! When I asked, she pointed to the front of her rotating bag-dispensing merry-go-round, where my film was not to be found. “Oh, ha-ha, I forgot to turn it around.” Yeah, ha-ha. Hey, I’m not an expert or anything, but how about just handing the customers their bags? And, while you’re at it, their change?

I think she was just jealous. We got to leave Walmart and she didn’t.


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