Known Johnson

September 6, 2005

The question of the day

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Exhausted after a busy day with a family cookout, we aimed for bed at 9 pm. Aimed for, but did not achieve that, that is. After a couple of feeding attempts and diaper changes, we packed the squirming, decidedly unsleepy Amanda into her carseat and went for a ride at about 11, as the experts say to do. And it works – 25 minutes later we arrived home with a sleeping baby and a half-sleeping mom, driven by a dad desperately holding sleep at bay until he was able to usher his charges safely back home.

I carefully removed the carseat from the base, barely nudging the seat up at the clunk of the release button, and shuffled the sleeping Amanda inside. Even more carefully, I undid her restraints and scooped her out of the depth of the seat’s padding, eliciting a sleepy “waaaah” from her unopened mouth. Placed back in her bassinette, we both waited with baited breath to make sure sleep had fully overtaken her, but within minutes little squeaks of dissatisfaction began issuing forth.

It’s 12:15 am right now. We did this last night. We did this the night before. We did this the night before that. There are only two nights in the last week where a similar scenario didn’t play out – one was the night after she was born, the other was the night after we came home. There is no rhyme or reason behind the behavior. The other 20 hours of the day, Amanda is a perfect angel-baby descended from heaven like an adorable gift. She’s sweet, she’s quiet, she’s easy to please – you couldn’t ask for a better baby. These other four hours . . . they leave us wondering just what the hell we did wrong the rest of the day to deserve this. Fortunately, when I wake up in the morning and see her sleeping face so peaceful, the frustration of the night before drifts away. For a short time every day, however, I can’t help but wonder just what I got myself into.


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