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September 6, 2005

The upside

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I realize that, because I haven’t had much of a chance to post lately, the events of the last day look particularly negative, and that’s not how the past week has been in general. Stressful, to be sure, and confusing without a doubt, but I can firmly say that the best days of my life have been in the last 7 and a half days since Amanda came into our lives.

There’s no better feeling than picking up your squirmy baby, laying her on your chest, and having her fall sound asleep as you gently rub her back, where she stays unmoving for hours until she’s hungry again. And there’s nothing more entertaining than peering into your baby’s bassinette, as she’s drifting off to sleep or slowly waking up, to watch the multitude of facial expressions that will flash across her face, as if she’s trying on every expression she will ever need in her life.

And even though experts say babies don’t really “smile” in response to anything at this age, it’s impossible not to feel a little jump in your heart when one of those many expressions is a big beautiful smile that happens to coincide with something you’ve just said or done. Believe me – all of these “little” things make up for each frustrating night, and they make waking up the next day, completely drained and exhausted, entirely worthwhile just so you can see them again. And it may be a reflex, but when your newborn firmly and strongly grips the finger you placed in her palm, it feels like so much more.


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