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September 9, 2005

Recommended: Newegg

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I just have to take a moment and, yo, give props to the homies at Newegg. Every order I’ve ever placed with them has arrived with lightning speed. It’s truly amazing. Not only that, but their prices blow away any local stores you may have as an option.

This week I ordered up nearly everything needed to assemble a brand new, super-fast computer for my dad. I placed this order using their standard Fedex 3-day shipping Monday night – a holiday. By Tuesday afternoon I had tracking numbers for two of the three shipments of components, the third coming a short while later. The first two shipments arrived Wednesday – one full day after having shipped out. The other will be arriving today (it comes from New Jersey, but still . . . ) Of course, I somehow managed to completely forget to buy a heatsink for the AMD Sempron processor I ordered, so it’s off to Fry’s Electronics today to pick one up.

For myself, I ordered a fan-cooled external hard-drive enclosure that connects via USB port last night, as I purchased a dirt-cheap 250gb hard drive from CompUSA last weekend on a special sale – $80! Why do I need this? Because the hard drive that currently houses some 17,894 songs ripped from 1584 albums of my CD collection is rapidly filling up – and I have a LOT more CDs to go. It’s kind of frightening to commit this much time and all those songs to something that can so easily die, but I’ve only had one really bad experience with a hard drive, and that was the death of one last summer that had seen a lot of use over many years with very infrequent defragmenting (a big no-no, admittedly.) Even though I’ve built a handful of computers, I somehow had never learned that you can only have two hard drives in a standard computer. I have three – the drive Windows is housed on along with various files, a second with my mp3s, and now this new drive. I want to keep all of them, even though Itunes cannot make use of a music library spread over multiple harddrives. (Why, I can’t imagine – couldn’t they just have designed it to work this way?!) Unfortunately, for whatever reason, whoever it is that’s responsible for saying what computers can and can’t do decided that no one would ever want to have more than two hard drives. So I’m forced to go external, but it’s kind of cool – I’ll be able to remove that drive and take it to anyone who might want to grab something off of it, rather than relying upon convoluted means by which to get songs off my Ipod and onto their computers.

So if you ever need computer parts and can wait three days, buy from Newegg. And no, I’m not being compensated for this endorsement.


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