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September 20, 2005

The grid

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For whatever reason, it seems that Tuesday has become “must-see TV” night anymore. It’s unfortunate that so much good TV is packed into one night, when most of the other nights are so desperately in need of something good to watch.

Monday nights are all about Arrested Development, in its new timeslot at 7 pm (here in AZ, at least – 8 pm everywhere else.) We gave both the show that follows it (one on Fox, Kitchen Confidential, and the new show on CBS, How I Met Your Mother, a chance) but they both stink. It’s all that “edgy” type of humor that attempts to come off as something new and unusual, but really it’s just sophomoric and, generally, centered around barely getting away with some really crude comments. It’s not funny – it’s just childish.

Tuesday night, as I said, is the big night. Gilmore Girls at 7 pm – even though this show is struggling to regain the heart and fun it use to have (having succumbed to being simply a silly soap-opera for the past two seasons) it still has enough intelligence and humor to keep me coming back. I know, I’m a guy, and I love Gilmore Girls – I’ll even admit it’s not just because mom Lauren Graham is totally hot.

Following that, at least tonight is NBC’s new comedy, My Name Is Earl, a show whose premise and basic storylines seemed sketchy, but it’s getting good reviews and it stars Jason Lee – not a big name by any means, but he’s a very capable actor and it strikes me that he knows he’s better than most sitcom material. So let’s hope he’s not simply looking for a quick paycheck in between movies. (UPDATE: Very promising – fans of Scrubs will likely enjoy this a lot.)

After that is the return of The Office, which was a surprisingly successful and quite funny adaptation of the incredible British original. I’m glad to see it return – besides Arrested Development, there really wasn’t much hope for TV comedy at the end of last season.

And, one more time tonight at least, at 9 pm, is the conclusion of RockStar: INXS. I have to admit it, as morbidly weird as it is to shop for a new singer to replace their dead one on US TV, I’ve been hooked on this fluff since it debuted a couple months ago. For a reality show, it focused most on the performances rather than on the lives of these INXS lead-singer wannabes, which is good because who seriously gives a damn about any of them as people anyway? There’ve been some really awful examples of singing, but also some surprisingly good voices have emerged. I’ll anxious to see if the internet rumors are true: that Australian Mig is a ringer, and the show has been rigged all along for him to take the prize. We’ll find out for sure tonight who “is not right for [their] band, INXS.” (UPDATE: Did Brooke Burke seriously say in the intro that the winner gets the chance to front “one of the greatest rock bands of all time”? Are we still talking about INXS here? Oh, that’s right, I forgot – in the “greatest rock band” pantheon, it’s the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd and INXS. UPDATE 2: I’ve told Alissa to keep me informed when they get to some actual content – so far it’s all rehashing of the past two months. Yawn.)

Next week, at the same time as Earl and The Office, CBS’ always fun The Amazing Race begins, which will throw a serious wrench into our Tuesday nights. This will force us to do some creative watching and taping. Gilmore Girls always spills over into the next hour, annoyingly, so we have to watch that in one room while the DVR cues up to record the NBC shows – and then we quickly switch over to CBS to catch the Race after the recap is over. Then we have to find a time during the next couple days to watch what we taped . . .

. . . which is an issue because Lost is on Wednesday, and you really cannot tape an episode to watch at a later date because the surprises will likely be spoiled for you the next day at work. And now ABC’s loaded up the timeslot after it with another promising show – Invasion – which is getting good write-ups already.

Thursday, of course, is Survivor night. We watched last week’s episode and it seems a lot more promising than the boring first few episodes of last season (after which we gave up.) Our only other committment that night is ER because what man doesn’t need his Linda Cardellini/Maura Tierney/Parminder Nagra fix every week?

That leaves Friday . . . completely open. Nothing, not a single show. CBS ruined it by killing off Joan of Arcadia last year. Well, I guess it’s all good – we need a night to catch up on recorded shows and, I guess, our sanity.


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