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September 21, 2005

Ferris saves!

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And now, presenting a Post That Was Originally An Email But It Became So Fantastic It Deserved An Audience . . .

Dear Wife,

Why did we see Godzilla when it came out? We saw that in theaters. It was crap! But we had to have known how bad that would be beforehand, right? Why did we actually pay to see that? I’m really torn up about this – and I know it was me who actually decided to take us to it. Why didn’t you talk sense into me? I actually feel damaged by having wasted our time on that pile o’ turd.

After reading this post about movies he’d seen in which he was one of the only people in the theater, and one of them was Godzilla 2000, I have to know why we fell for Godzilla. I know we didn’t fall for Godzilla 2000 – we’d already been burned once by the big green beast – but the fact remains we did fall for the Matthew Broderick-driven Godzilla. I mean, didn’t the fact that it was an action movie starring Matthew Broderick tip us off that something was distinctly wrong with this movie? Ferris Bueller fighting a giant lizard? Come on!

I know you’re the smarter of us, why did you let me corrupt you like this?

Shamefully yours,


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