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October 7, 2005

Morse code in Lost’s Dharma project symbol?

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For those as addicted to Lost as I am, this season has already offered up a huge number of weird things going on – no surprise there. (I’m not even going to try to begin explaining for those who haven’t caught up yet – you go Google Lost and do that yourself. Believe me, you’ll find plenty to help you.) What is a surprise is this “Dharma Initiative” symbol seems to contain a message. Some point out that it’s I Ching but, from what I see in the information presented on that site, there should be more to this for it to mean anything.

So maybe there’s more going on here. There are three rings of lines in an octagon shape around the inner part of the symbol. They’re not solid rings, however – some are long and others are two shorter lines. I kept looking at this and realized that it may actually be Morse code. Here’s the image:

The three rings break down like this:

Outer ring:
_ . . _ _ . . . . _ . .

Middle ring:
. . . . _ _ _ . . . . _

Inner Ring:
_ . . . . _ . . _ . . _

And here’s Morse code:

The problem is that there’s no way to tell whether you’re looking at, for example, “_” or “_ . .” – nor is there any guarantee that starting at the top and working your way around, then repeating for the next two rings, is actually the start of the message. It could start at the far left, or . . . ? (I did, however, rule out the possibility that the code is stacked – three rows of symbols for each face of the octagon – because there is no Morse that has six dots.)

I haven’t really done much looking on the many Lost sites since I figured this out last night, but I didn’t see anyone mention this on the ones that I did look at.

But who knows. It probably just says “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”


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