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October 10, 2005


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Cue up the Ipod (or whatever you losers who don’t have Ipods use,) hit “shuffle” and list:

  1. Pelican: “-” (this should be a bullet but shows up all screwy) The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
  2. Bill Frisell: “The Beach” In Line
  3. Wilco: “Kicking Television” A Ghost Is Born bonus EP
  4. Grant Green: “Oleo (Alternate Version)” The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark
  5. Rush: “Natural Science (Live)” Rush In Rio
  6. Death Cab For Cutie: “Your Heart Is An Empty Room” Plans
  7. Sugar: “A Good Idea” Copper Blue
  8. Bill Frisell: “We Are Everywhere” The Intercontinentals
  9. The Pernice Brothers: “Pisshole In The Snow” Discover A Lovelier You
  10. Bill Bruford: “The Wooden Man Sings, And The Stone Woman Dances” Footloose And Fancy Free
  11. Brendan Benson: “Get It Together” The Alternative To Love

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