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October 13, 2005

Rush: R30 deluxe edition news

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If you know me, you know I’m an unapologetically die-hard Rush fan, as is Alissa. I’ve known about their new DVD that celebrates their 30th anniversary with a show taped last year in Frankfurt, Germany, R30, but I’m very excited to see news of a “deluxe edition”. (Does anything not come out in “deluxe edition” anymore? But I digress . . . ) Included in this deluxe edition are two audio CDs of the show (which is great because I won’t have to rip my DVD to listen to the show) and “various goodies.” I’d assume the packaging will be more extravagant, too – and much better sound mixing than Rush In Rio. As incredible of a show that was, the sound was pretty muddled, unfortunately. Let’s hope those Germans don’t sing along with every song – including the instrumentals, which, I admit, is entertaining to hear on Rush In Rio, but I’d gladly give that up for crystal-clear sound.

What should be really fun is seeing the career-spanning documentary that includes footage from the way-back machine that Geddy says “are kind of painful to watch! Bad hair, bad glasses. You just kind of look in wonderment like, ‘Is that really me?'” Because one of the fun things about being a Rush fan is being able to look back at the various fashions the band fell victim to – robes in the 70s, skinny ties in the 80s, etc.

November 22, the release date, can’t come soon enough.


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