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October 16, 2005

Learning to laugh

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Amanda is caught being fascinated by a mobile of furry bears over her playpen.

In the past week, we’ve seen a sudden shift in Amanda from passively observing to actively reacting to things around her in a way she never had. Aside from just watching the world around her, the most fun has been getting her to not only show off a glorious, gummy smile, often urged on by a game of “nose/chin” wherein I gently poke first her nose, then her chin (which seems to delight her,) but to make some obvious early attempts at laughter. They’re primitive attempts, to be sure, but her choppy squeals and gurgles leave no doubt that she’s taking part in some sort of simple game. This doesn’t last long – her attention span is only so long – but those few minutes of smiling and laughing are guaranteed to be the highlight of every day.

Click through to my Flickr account to see more stuff – I’ve uploaded some digital art I’ve done over the years as well as the previous photos of Amanda.


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