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October 17, 2005

randoMonday II: the sequel strikes back

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Having nothing else of value to post at the moment, why not duplicate the rousing success of my first “randomMonday” post last week? “Random shuffle” posts seem to be a “Friday thing” but, really, Monday deserves some special attention. randoMonday it is!

  1. King Crimson: “Easy Money” (King Crimson Collector’s Club #29, Live in Heidelberg, March 29, 1974
  2. Bruce Cockburn: “Trickle Down” (You’ve Never Seen Everything)
  3. XTC: “Snowman (live)” (Coat of Many Cupboards, disc 2)
  4. Bruce Cockburn: “Celestial Horses” (You’ve Never Seen Everything)
  5. Charlie Hunter: “Changui” (Right Now Live (DVD rip))
  6. The White Stripes: “Red Rain” (Get Behind Me Satan)
  7. Bill Frisell: “Rag” (Live)
  8. King Crimson: “Radio I” (Thrak)
  9. Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: “Nerve” (All Heaven Broke Loose)
  10. Bill Frisell: “Avulet” (Masada Guitars)

Hmm, not a whole lot of variety going on there. So goes the mystery of Ipod’s “random” shuffle.


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