Known Johnson

October 27, 2005

Grammar lesson

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This may reveal a 12-year-old mentality, but fear not, I have no shame in writing, apparently . . .

Being clever and intentionally rude at the same time is an admirable thing, and so I greeted with a laugh the news of the release this week of the debut CD from Goblin Cock. As humorous as that is, in the commercial world it takes a special someone to be clever and unintentionally rude and manage to get away with it, and hence the giggles I could hardly suppress when I found at Target last night the words “Gobblin’ Sack” emblazoned on a big bag of some kind of snack items (so distracted was I by that name that I didn’t even manage to notice what was packaged in the “Gobblin’ Sack.”) Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing the term as a compound noun but rather as a verb and an object.

Pair this with the fact that only a short while earlier I’d mentioned to Alissa the existence of the Goblin Cock album (whose album are you really must see,) and that on the route we take to Target we pass a road named “Sack,” which rarely fails to elicit some kind of childish response from me, and, well . . . yeah, I’m mentally about 12 years old.


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