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November 13, 2005

Weekend update

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It’s Alissa’s last week at home on maternity leave. She’s understandably sad about having to leave Amanda and go back to work. Who wouldn’t be – stay home with the cutest baby in the world or sit at work doing boring crap? I’d choose the former, too. Unfortunately, like many, if not most families today, we’re just not in a position where it works out right now for one of us to stay home. To ease the transition, I’ve decided I’ll be taking the three days off that week (Monday through Wednesday) so Alissa can just get comfortable going back to work. The nice thing is that, being Thanksgiving week, she only has to deal with three days of work before she gets a break. If you have to go back after a long break away, you can’t ask for a much better time than a short week.

Last night was spent as an early birthday party for my dad, the highlight of which being witnessing my mom talking about rapper/human-target “50 Cents,” and somehow wound up briefly touching on the subject of the bizarre sex habits of celebrities (I, of course, could not resist adding in a very censored version of the story about Chuck Berry’s bizarre . . . well, taste . . . in perversion. My dad, deaf in one ear and therefore rendered completely deaf when eating anything noisy, kept his mouth full the entire time and missed most of the disturbing information.

Today was spent doing, well, pretty much nothing. I had planned on doing plenty, but did I get up and actually do any of the things I’d planned? No. Instead I spent half of the time on the computer ripping Talking Heads and Rush bootlegs, and the other half in front of the TV. Oh, okay, I got one actual goal accomplished: I went to Home Depot and bought some of those red brick-like planter dividers, circular things that have scalloped edges with which to decorate your plants and trees. I didn’t put them in – I just bought them. I’ll get around to the tiring part of the job later. Not today, however. I didn’t even get around to washing our cars – which haven’t seen anything but the occasional rain water in months.

Let me tell you, adjusting to life with our new little one is taking some time. I still haven’t quite figured out how it all fits in – whatever “it all” is, as I haven’t quite figured out what that is, either. There are just so many little things to think of and take care of every day. It’s hard to fit the remnants of our life before Amanda together in a way that makes sense with her. Not that it’s a bad thing – hardly. But it can be confusing at times. I have to say, however, that there’s never a moment of boredom – never. I can’t remember that word entering my brain in relation to “real life” (meaning, not involving work) in nearly three months now. All I can say is, every day is something new – even if it’s just a tiny change from yesterday, be it seeing Amanda learning different styles of smiles to the first time I saw her suck her thumb, complete with forefinger hooked over nose, after two months of hardly acknowledging that she even knew her own hands as anything but “those things over there.” Every day is something amazing, even if it seems “simple” from the outside. I know it’s not – because it’s something new from the day before, something that just a day before this little tiny person couldn’t quite grasp and suddenly, today, there she is, tackling it with ease.

As I type this, I have Amanda perched in my lap. She’s amusing me with little surprised noises that erupt as I do things on the screen and around the desk. They’re the most rudimentary of laughs – little stunted gasps and coughs filled with a bit of voice, and she flails her limbs around on occasion, landing hits once in a while to targets like my arms, where she grasps onto her daddy’s hair, which elicits more attempts at giggles. And every day it’s a little more of this – a little more laughter-like sounds, a little more aim in where her limbs land. But, at this very moment, she’s sucking at her hand, the thumb just a little more demanding than she feels like dealing with right now. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow.


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