Known Johnson

November 18, 2005

Sony offering exchanges on copy-protected titles

Filed under: General,Music — Tom @ 12:52 pm

Yes, music lovers and lovers of freedom of choice in general, we have won! Sony is offering to exchange ALL copy-protected titles for identical albums without the problematic copy-protection. That’s right – Sony is sending out new disc with absolutely no copy-protection on them whatsoever, meaning you actually get to take advantage of the fair-use copyright laws that Sony was denying you (making back-up copies, etc.) or to use in mixes for friends (technically illegal, but I really wouldn’t worry too much about that.) Here’s the list and exchange instructions for those of you who unfortunately bought discs with Sony’s virus. Of course, this does little good to those who even more unfortunately have been infected with Sony’s so far unremoveable Trojan (a fix is coming – Microsoft is even jumping in to fix this mess.)

What I hope to see when all the dust settles is that Sony and all other major labels are rendered incapable of ever doing something this stupid again. Sony may continue to claim that they’re working on viable copy-protection schemes in the meantime, but don’t doubt that real, significant copy-protection is pretty much null and void in America as of right now. There are no legitimate means by which Sony can prevent copying of Redbook standard CDs (not Redbook the magazine, Redbook the standard that Philips, the inventor of the CD and, ironically, partner of Sony, set up more than 20 years ago to define what was and was not a Compact Disc.) Oh, sure, they’ll keep playing around here and there, and probably try something with their stupid DualDisc technology, but the end has been spelled out pretty clearly. Buyers do NOT want copy-protected discs, and now, thanks to Sony’s antics, buyers are more aware then ever what the technical jargon on the backs of these discs, which they’d previously ignored, is all about. It’s highly doubtful people will fall for this crap again.


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