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November 21, 2005

Mr. Mom

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And so I begin my three-day stint as “the man of the house,” having seen a tearful Alissa off to work just a bit ago. This marks my first time alone with Amanda for any extended amount of time – that’s 12 weeks where I was never alone with Amanda for more than 20 minutes or so. So far – one hour in – things are going swimmingly. I’ve managed to make myself a bagel, down a Diet Coke, and searched for info on Poltergeist* Of course, that’s probably because Amanda is sound asleep. We’ll see what happens in a bit when she wakes up . . . I am, however, slightly relieved that my presence has been requested at my parents’ house this afternoon, which alleviates some of the first-day trauma that I might otherwise have to endure alone.

The plan for the rest of the week is pretty simple: I’ve determined that it’s almost impossible to get much done with a new baby, so I’m quarantining myself in the house after that. There will be one excursion tomorrow morning when I fight off the droves of gamer-dorks struggling to get their game-hardened fingertips on the new Xbox 360 that comes out the same day as the Rush R:30 DVD/CD set comes out. Here’s hoping they really have pretty much completely sold out before they’ve even hit store shelves, as some stores are reporting. I just want my music, people, that is all.

*Having watched part of a marathon of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting last night. I’d link to the show on Discovery’s site, but they have a really crappy site and next to no information about the show. Irony? Quick report: some seriously creepy and disturbing story telling (claimed to be true by the people being interviewed) and visual effects undermined by some far too convenient paranormal-investigation help (the main woman in one story just happens to be learning hypnosis which she uses to determine the origin of the angry spirit haunting her house, while in the other we saw they brought in actual paranormal investigators, which, I don’t know, pretty much deflates the scariness of the original story.) So the episodes are half very good and very effective, the other half just tends to fall flat. Were they to stick to just the ghost story-tellin’, you’d be left seriously creeped out and probably would not want to turn out the lights. As it is . . . I went to bed unafraid, let me put it that way.


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  1. Bite your tongue, man! Let’s hope that there are PLENTY of 360’s going around, at least here in southern Louisiana so that my husband actually comes home sometime tonight, (he’s planning on waiting in line at Walmart this evening until they start selling at midnight).

    Oh, oh, oh… and “gamer-dork”? HAHAHA LOOK WHO LOVES RUSH! HAHA! YOU! LOSER! WHO’S THE DORK NOW!?

    (Sorry, I regressed to the third grade for a minute there. At least I didn’t respond “Gamer-dork? YOUR MOM!”)

    Comment by Bekah — November 21, 2005 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

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