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November 23, 2005

Mr. Mom – day 3

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It’s pretty easy to sum up the past two and a half days: lots of feeding, lots of diaper changing, and the occasional mysterious crying-jig that stopped with a glorious smile as quickly as it started. There’s really never very much time to get involved in anything, as baby demands an extra special amount of attention that I’d never really realized before. In fact, if anything, I come away from these three days with an increased appreciation for what stay-at-home parents do – not that I minimized what Alissa did for the past three months, but there’s really no way to know exactly how much time it takes until you have to do it yourself. I learned very quickly to have everything I might need around me while feeding Amanda – TV remote, phone, drink, towels – lots of towels, etc. Because once she’s started eating, and especially once she’s done, burped and is drifting off to sleep, wherever you are is where you will remain for a while.

And even with all this downtime, I still find myself working my way through Guided By Voices’ The Electrifying Conclusion DVD of the very final concert last New Year’s Eve in Chicago. As can be expected, I’ve had a lot of interruptions and find myself slow to get back to it, but really it’s because this one concert – ONE single show – is over four hours long, featuring over 60 songs. Even if I’d had the time, I don’t think I could handle watching the whole thing at once – it’s simply too long to remain glued to the TV screen, as great as it is. But it’s a beautiful thing – a huge sloppy mess of a concert, the band happily drinking from an onstage bartender’s offering, haphazard guest appearances from former band members (the most entertaining from BeatleBob, the announcer, who comes on stage during “My Kind of Soldier” to showcase his special dancing skills.) The band, especially leader Bob Pollard, gets more drunk throughout the night, as one can imagine, but manages to pull of the songs with deft skill – maybe Pollard’s vocals get a little slurred, but for as much as he’s seen drinking, it’s pretty amazing he’s even able to stand up (I worried at several points about Bob’s longevity – he’s clearly an alcoholic, and at 48 he should have a lot of life and music left in him, but this behavior certainly doesn’t bode well for a very long solo career . . . )

The final encore of the DVD is paused as we speak, and I’m downing a quick lunch. I probably should return to the DVD and finally finish it up while I have a few minutes to myself . . .


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