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December 7, 2005

Christmas season has officially begun, and other exciting updates

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving, after failing to secure a copy of the Arrested Development season 2 DVD set for $12.99 at Circuit City (let’s face it – they probably had only one copy,) I walked into the parking lot from the store and was greeted by the opening strains of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime.” The Christmas season may have begun, but it won’t be complete without hearing “Feliz Navidad.” I was quick to get in the car before Christmas was destroyed by the song.

Christmas decorations are slowly creeping out from closets and boxes as of this weekend. I chose a crappy day to put up our Christmas lights . . . the wind on Sunday was blowing chilling cold wind at high speeds all morning, which means for every half of a line of lights that I hang, I feared the other half would come loose from the gusts. However, I got them all up with relatively little stress – other than entire strings working fine on the ground but by the time I got them on the house somehow chunks of them would decide to not work. A prodding by our broom brought them back to life quickly. I’m a little sad that I minimalized my usual light display, but unfortunately I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with the many strands of lights that I usually decorate our house with. It’s a simple theme this year. Simple is good.

I now fully understand why parents are so often seen trading in beloved small cars for SUVs, station wagons, and minivans. After a couple of weeks ferrying the Known Johnson in her carseat (and accompanying bags and toys) that was crammed into my Toyota Matrix, I can’t slight anyone for opting for the bigger, less “fun” cars. I’m a short guy, but even I’m too tall for how close I have to sit to the steering wheel. You know there’s a problem when you’re getting a backache from driving across town. Thank God for Honda, whose 2003 Accord sedan we’re already big fans of, as they finally jumped in the truck market with the Ridgeline, which might just be the most intelligently designed vehicle I’ve ever seen (a truck with a large water-resistant trunk in the bed? Awesome.) We checked one out at the Honda dealership when we dropped off Alissa’s Accord for an oil change (yeah, really – our closest Honda dealership has the cheapest oil change around, believe it or not.) We didn’t take it for a ride – I have no desire to deal with salesmen right now (and will use our credit union or Costco’s car-buying service when we’re more serious about it) – but we sat in and played around with one in the lot. To say I’m in love is putting it mildly. Thoughts of giving up and going for a minivan have been put to rest, thankfully.

One of many real-life definitions for the concept of “tired”: as I was undressing for a shower the other day, I found lint in my bellybutton. I was too lazy to carry it to the trash, so I put it back in my bellybutton.


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  1. Marti’s dad has one that he carted us around in this summer and it’s a nice ride. We thought about checking one out when we get a new set of wheels down the road.

    Comment by Lisa — December 10, 2005 @ 2:19 am | Reply

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