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January 13, 2006

Rain covered you in airlines

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Note: anytime from now on that I don’t have a good title for a post, I’m just going to make something completely random up, and it’ll probably sound like a real Guided By Voices song title.

Seriously, this band (and founder Robert Pollard) has the best song titles in the history of music. Check ’em out here. Yes, that’s right, there’s many, many hundreds of songs there, maybe thousands – I know he’s rumored to have written at least 5000 songs, how many are represented there, I can’t tell you, and I’m certainly not going to count.

Interesting side-story: Pollard keeps notebooks of song titles, then goes back and finds the ones he’s most intrigued by for which to write songs. One of my favorite titles is “Pimple Zoo,” with the lyrics consisting solely and entirely of “Sometimes I get the feeling/That you don’t want me around/But just when you are waking/Just as the snakes are flaking” (repeat.) The words “pimple zoo” never show up in the song.

But that’s not why we’re here, is it? I didn’t intend this to be a music post, but as you can see, I’m easily distracted.

Tomorrow is notable for my Ipod-adapter install in the Ridgeline. I attempted this a couple weeks ago with the same unit I’d given to Alissa for Christmas for her Accord, but Honda likes to keep people on their toes by pointlessly switching things up. So what appeared to be an identical 14-pin adapter buried deep in the dash in the back of my truck’s CD player turned out to only share visual similarities. Honda got crafty and switched the wiring on it so all previous aftermarket adapters wouldn’t work. Why? Hmm, could it be because of the offical Ipod-adapter that Honda just released last week? I’d have chosen that, but I’ve read report after report that the unit is a complete pile of dung – the Ipod loses its controls while attached and the CD player screen can’t render artist or song info, leaving you guessing which of your thousands of songs that “5 68” might really be. It might make for a fun game of “guess who,” but when you’re speeding down the highway and want to hear the aforementioned “Pimple Zoo,” it’s going to be awful hard to differentiate, say, “2 77” from “4 21.” Honda, however, did create a text-to-speech app that runs on your computer in conjunction with Itunes, building a database of audio cues for artists. Boy, would that be fun to listen to potentially hundreds of artists or thousands of songs? What a bargain for this spectacular system at just $200 – plus labor fees if you’re not brave enough to dive in behind the dash.

I will be documenting my install pretty closely – the Ridgeline is a new vehicle and as such it’s hard to find much in the way of documentation of things like this. Expect an annoyingly detailed post this weekend about this project (annoying for those of you not interested, of course.)

Amanda’s 4.5 month old vocabulary consists mostly of squealing, the sounds “aah” and “ooooh,” and a hilariously loud popping noise she makes with her tongue. She also made me very proud the other night with a shockingly well-rendered belch. This is definitely daddy’s girl.


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