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January 16, 2006

Love cavalcade extravaganza (asterisk)

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I accomplished my main task this weekend – getting the Ipod-adapter installed in my truck, and I have dozens of photos to prove and document it. What I lack at the moment is motivation.

As I’m off from work today due to the MLK Jr. holiday, and Alissa is not*, I’m home taking care of Amanda. The past couple of week’s she decided she needs a lot of attention so I really haven’t accomplished much besides that since about 8:45 this morning. She’s finally drifted off to sleep, but not before an extended giggle session wherein she determined that daddy’s cheeks are quite funny, and continued to find my near-total lack of head-hair just as funny as it has been in the past. Infant hands may be small, but they are very strong – and cheeks are pretty flexible things, providing lots to grab onto. At least it made her laugh.

(*As Alissa was quick to point out the other day, isn’t it funny how hard everyone fought to get this day declared a holiday, especially here in Arizona (do some research on our former governor, Ev Mecham (Wiki’d just for you there,) and see why this is especially embarassing here) and it’s a relative rarity that anyone gets it off now.)

I had another task to accomplish today, one that I just decided to take on. Following my Ipod-adapter install, I put in a new light out front to take the place of one that slowly fell apart through the past couple of years. Piece by piece it deteriorated until finally this past Christmas season, while I was putting up lights and using a screw-in plug adapter for it, I was unable to do much of anything to keep it together. Two pieces of glass slid out, crashing to the ground, one piece hit me just below the eye (amazingly without leaving a mark,) and I was able to cath the remaining two. Of course, there’s really nothing left to do with that glass, because I didn’t have the knurled nuts that should hold them in place, so we made it through by covering the light up with a large bow. That lasts, of course, only until Christmas is over, at which point our folly is revealed. So, Saturday, I replaced the light with a new one and fell in love with the photocell on it, realizing that I could just turn the light switch on and leave it on, all the time, letting the light decide when it was dark enough to come on. Of course, the other two lights out front lack this feature, so I can’t do that until I get two more. Well, as of this morning, two more I have . . . now I just have to find the time to put them in as well as a motion-sensor activated light for the side of the house.

After four months sleeping by Alissa’s side in her bassinette, Amanda moved into her crib this weekend. The first night, after a long active day, neither Alissa nor I were awake enough to worry too much about it, but last night I found myself troubled and lonely, sad that Amanda was laying in the dark 10 feet further than usual from us. The baby monitor hissed the magnified silence of her room at me, but it did little to calm my nerves. Worrying that she was suffering in silence, I repeatedly checked on her before we hit the lightswitch for our own night of sleep. Each time, I’d find her comfortably snoozing away, oblivious to my concerns. That’s how fatherhood goes, I suppose. I’d better get used to it.


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