Known Johnson

January 30, 2006

Pony gas experiment

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:26 pm

So apparently the beautiful lull was hacked again. It wasn’t targeted at me, just WordPress users in general. It’s pretty minor – just the index page was replaced with the mysterious “BI0S TEAM” message, which a quick Googling turned up is pretty common the past couple months. I haven’t updated the lull or Unproductivity to the latest WordPress, which has likely left me wide open to an attack like that. I’ll have to move that update to the front burner – I have no intentions of using the sites right now, but it’s nice to have them there, especially Unproductivity for anyone who wants to follow along on the 9 months of our lives when Amanda was the one and only Unknown Johnson. (I know, I know – long time readers might wonder why everything going back to 2001 is gone. Sorry, it’s just too difficult to get all this stuff running under different blogging platforms. If you ever really, really want to read it, has everything going back to January 2002 (note: the site’s navigation won’t work – you have to back up to their catalog page to go the next section of the site you want to read, sorry.) manages to be both neat and a bit scary.)

The hacking has been fixed now, so go read about music if you want to.

Please insert emotive “sigh” sound here: I’ve got a million things to write about, but no time to do so. I’ve got two partially written pieces sitting in WordPress right now, one for weeks, the other for a few days, and I have very little energy to get back to them to finish them up. One of these days . . .


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