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February 8, 2006

Gold Star for Rockrobot

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 12:39 pm

This is awesome: a newcomer’s guide to Guided By Voices . . . by a newcomer to Guided By Voices. Who better to evaluate a catalog of music than someone with a fresh perspective? The deeper you get involved with a band, especially one with as much music available as GBV (or Robert Pollard in general, I should say,) the more difficult it is to remain completely unbiased – you’ve grown used to a set of expectations, one of those often being that what is often the most annoying and difficult tends to “grow on you” over time, and it gets harder to pick out the wheat from the chaff, at least for a newbie, because it seems like most of it eventually reveals its strange beauty to you. However, as a fan of a few years now, I’m only now just starting to dig real deep in the many pseudonyms that Pollard has worked under, and it’s overwhelming – fascinating, but overwhelming. I welcome this interesting read, and so should you.


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  1. Thumbs up for RockRobot’s GbV site. I contribute commentary to it quite often, and I think your analysis is quite right – who better to delve into the ourvre of GbV than a newbie. His only problem is that he’s young (twenty-something-ish), and thus doesn’t have the deep background in classic early rock (Beatles/60s, Who/70s,) necessary to understand some of Bob and Company’s influences. But he’s doing yeoman’s work on his site, and I urge any and all to visit and participate!

    Comment by Mike Janowski — February 21, 2006 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

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