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February 21, 2006

Hurray for piracy!

Filed under: Music — Tom @ 11:00 pm

Confession #1: When David Sylvian released remasters of most of his catalog a few years ago, I traded in my old versions for the new ones as soon as I got them.

Confession #2: Because his beautiful Secrets of the Beehive had been returned to its “original” tracklisting, I made a copy of the now-deleted and otherwise completely and strangely unavailable song, “Forbidden Colours.” Seriously – why is this song essentially wiped from the David Sylvian catalog?

Confession #3: I had this hidden away on my harddrive for a couple of years, forgotten. Last year, I had some serious hard drive issues and lost first one, then the other drive, that had most of my music stored on it.

Confession #3.5: I never burned this now-deleted track to an audio CD – due to having forgotten about it.

Confession #4 – the most embarassing: while watching Olympic figure-skating tonight, I heard a familiar song. (Okay, “watching” is really more grand than what it really was – “it was on” because nothing else was on.) “What the hell is that song?” I knew it, I knew that song. David Sylvian? my brain quickly offered. And off to Itunes I went, because I simply could not put a title to it, nor definitely determine that it was Sylvian. I listened through every David Sylvian song I have (everything but Brilliant Trees, which will be rectified shortly) and couldn’t find it. What the hell is this song? It has to be David Sylvian, I thought – he has a very recognizable sound and chooses some really intriguing chord structures. I spent a good 25 minutes searching the internet, listening to sound clips when it finally occured to me to check the original version of Secrets of the Beehive. Sure enough, there it was – “Forbidden Colours” in all its splendo(u)r. And then I recalled, sadly, that I no longer had that version of the disc, and that my drives had taken a dump last year. How could I not have kept that song safely locked away?! Well, after a few minutes away from the computer contemplating ordering another copy of the original, something struck me: check my DVD-Rs! And there it was – written out in ink on the first DVD of files I burned with my then-new DVD writer last year were the words “David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours.” Saved – and it’s an uncompressed wav file, no less.

And now the fruits of my efforts benefit you – grab yourself a copy of this gorgeous song. (Like the original, this won’t be available forever, so grab it now!)


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