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February 21, 2006

Sit and be fit

Filed under: General — Tom @ 3:48 pm

The biggest update is that Amanda is now sitting up. Before I could even post about her rolling over, she decided to just pop right up. Alissa and I have determined that she is almost definitely an underachiever already, because it’s certain now that she probably could have sat up and rolled over weeks ago, but just decided she didn’t feel like it until last weekend, when she sat bolt-upright with ease.

This has, however, not come without an increase in demand on both of us. While Amanda may be able to sit up, she has not mastered the art of staying up for long periods of time, so there are a lot of minor crashes that elicit a very unhappy response from her. It is sadly amusing to watch her sitting comfortably upright only to lean just a little too far one way or another and – boom – down she goes. What’s even more amusing are the times when she does so, doesn’t cry, and instead offers a giant smile that says, “Ooops, I’m a klutz!”

With her new-found ability to sit, she’s become bold and has taken to reaching for things far out of her range, which, of course, results in many minor crashes. She doesn’t learn, however, so as soon as she is propped back up again, she eyes the item in question and leans for it – crash! And then it’s up to one of us to swoop in and prop her up again. And again. It’s entertaining, in a way, but can be a bit frustrating while eating dinner . . .

I did notice this weekend, however, that she has figured out two separate components that are key to going from sitting to moving toward her intended object: one, she’s going to have to pick her body up to move, but has so far only mastered the “up” portion of that motion; and two, that in order to move, she has to use her legs. Unfortunately, she hasn’t connected these two things together, so she will either claw at the floor, fruitlessly, with her feet, or will do a massive single push-up, but nothing else. “Baby steps,” as they say, but in this case it’s not even steps – “baby push-ups and clawing,” I guess.


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  1. lol – hours of entertainment. the great thing is that she’ll do things for many years to come that just amuse the hell out of you! 🙂

    Comment by marc — February 22, 2006 @ 3:47 pm | Reply

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