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February 21, 2006

Update the updates

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As noted, I’ve been continuing my long-range slaughter of my CD collection, excising that which just doesn’t mean so much anymore. It’s been tough – things I haven’t listen to in years are still proving difficult to part with for no particular reason. “Do I really expect to need to listen to this?” and “when was the last time I listened to this – or wanted to?” are questions that repeatedly pop up in my head a lot lately. The answer is surprisingly more difficult than even I expected, but I’m relying on my gut more than usual. Some things were simply interesting for a while, but quickly fell off the radar, while others that may not get listened to as much simply mean more to me. Those things stay – the others I reserve the right to execute at will.

And with this cleaning out, I’ve managed to find some new interests. The most exciting of which lately has been Richard Thompson – a name I’ve always known I should invest some time into, but I managed to find excuses not to. Well, consider that a lesson learned – I picked up his Austin City Limits disc a month or so ago and instantly knew this was going to be like Elvis Costello was for me a few years ago. In the past few weeks I’ve grabbed a few others of his, maybe more than I can handle at the moment, but what doesn’t strike me right now gets filed away for future investigation. (Just today, in fact, I picked up a used copy of Watching the Dark, a three-disc career overview from the early 90s that is now out of print and very hard to find at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, as a used set, I wound up with a very, very stinky copy that belonged to someone who was apparently a severe chain-smoker. Anyone have any idea how to get this wretched smell out of paper? Man. Exciting update: Alissa did some research and found that putting the offending items in a bag with baking soda will help get rid of the odor. I also spent a good 10 minutes gently scrubbing the discs themselves with dish soap to rid them of the horrible stench – two to three times each! I replaced the old case with a new one, since it was beyond help, but I should hold onto the old one to show Amanda why smoking is so bad for you – the clear plastic of the case was yellow-brown from cigarette smoke! Man!)

Some may remember my story about hitting the tire-tread a week or so after buying my new truck. Since then, I have come to realize that the damage was more extensive than just the grill and dented front-bumper cover plastic. I have actually traced a path of destruction the tread took as it passed under and around my truck now: first the bumper, then the grill, hood, then under the truck where part of it curled up first striking my right front wheel (knicking the coating in several spots) and smacked my front mudguard, then the rear mudguard, then the metal behind the rear mudguard where it scratched the paint, then under the truck again where it grabbed onto the heat-guard for the exhaust pipe and mangled it. Just amazing. Relatively minor problems, but again, it’s amazing how much damage a little rubber can do.

(Speaking of that, I have a brand-new replacement grill bought off Ebay coming soon for a mere $40. Thank God for Ebay!)


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