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March 6, 2006

Freakish Man Collapse

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I don’t think I’m starting off the week on the right foot by waking up at 3:30 and not falling asleep after that.

In sad news, Alissa’s aunt died over the weekend after a shockingly short battle with cancer. When it comes to death, I really don’t have much to say (for once,) and the awkward placement of this among otherwise light-hearted material probably makes obvious my discomfort with the topic. Suffice it to say that it really got me thinking about how many people are affected by the loss of a loved one – family, friends, acquaintences, coworkers – and how shocking and difficult it is to deal with the knowledge that someone who was always around suddenly no longer is.

All I can ask is, if you smoke, seriously consider stopping. You’ve heard it all before, but try and realize that while what you’re doing may only have its most drastic consequence paid unto yourself but those who you leave behind have the rest of their lives to regret your decision.

In lighter news, Amanda has been sitting up by herself for a couple weeks, as noted previously, and now likes to make short tours of the living room. In reverse. She hasn’t gotten the grasp of forward movement, but she’s quickly becoming an expert at circular backwards motion. Typically, she winds up bulldozing a bunch of her toys behind her, as her scooting legs act like a trap for anything in her path. It’s a little sad to watch her as she notices something just out of reach, and while she strains mightily to make her way to it, the only thing her chubby legs will do is move her backwards. She may eventually make her way back around to it, but by then she’s likely been distracted by something else.

I could have sworn I posted about this before, but apparently I didn’t: a few weeks ago, I had a major hard-drive problem. After editing some photos in Photoshop, I saved the final one and everything locked up for a moment. When the computer went back to normal, I opened up one of my three harddrives, the one that contains all of my photos, and was greeted with a very disturbing message from Windows trying to convince me that the drive was “unformatted. Would you like to format now?” NO! And shortly after that I discovered that everything in my folder of digital photos was gone. EVERYTHING. Strangely, through “Open recent” in Photoshop, I could access the very last few images I’d worked on – they were still there, even though the folder that contained them was completely empty. Needless to say, I could find no way to get Windows to re-recognize the contents of that folder and, after messing around with several demonstration versions of file-restoration programs, I wound up having to fork over $70 for a registration number with which the files could be saved somewhere safe.

Fast-forward to last Friday: when I got home from work, I turned on my computer and found error messages about that drive. I figured that was it – it was toast. Windows did some kind of deep check and maintenance on the drive, alerting me to countless damaged sectors. I let Windows do whatever it needed to do for an hour or so and nervously attempted to open the drive . . . only to find that it seemed okay. My first destination was my photo folder and I was shocked to find everything right back where I’d expected to see it! My first action was to copy the entire folder onto another, safer drive, then grab whatever else mattered to me, lest the drive take a full nose-dive shortly there after. I moved all of the photos and most of the live concerts that I’ve downloaded over the past year, plus almost all of the concert DVDs that I’ve ripped audio from – except one. However, I’m not complaining – I have the DVD and will rip it if needed. Having everything else is a tremendous relief.

Finally, I’m really surprised and glad to see how well Jon Stewart handled his first Oscar-awards duties last night. Dude’s funny, but I really didn’t think it was going to go over well with the Hollywood types. The highlights of the evening were seeing Will Ferrel and Steve Carell present the nominations for best makeup – in really bad makeup, a really awful song winning against two other awful songs in the best song category, and the negative campaign ad parodies (the best being the one for best sound editing.) Now if only they could get the content of the actual show to be that much fun to watch. (And a big boo to Murderball losing out for the best documentary award to a bunch of penguins. Not unexpected, unfortunately.)


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  1. I thought Jon Stewart did an incredible job and I hope to hell he returns next year. The negative ad campaign spoofs were priceless, as was the “gay cowboy montage.”

    The “Hustle & Flow” song sounded horrible with everyone trying to out-rap each other on stage, but in all fairness, the song sounded much better in the movie, where it was just Terrence Howard and the female singer. Apparently Terrence was offered the opportunity to perform the song at the Oscars, but declined because he didn’t think he could pull it off. Too bad.

    Comment by Chris — March 6, 2006 @ 1:22 pm | Reply

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