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April 26, 2006


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King Crimson’s July 1, 1996 – London show is downloading from DGMLive at the moment, bought just moments ago after having given a few digestions to the latest Club release, July 1, 1995 – Los Angeles, that I had mentioned last week sometime. If you’re a fan (and I know a few readers are) the ’95 show is a must-have – an incredibly hot-blooded performance with stunning sound quality. “Red” is simply mind-blowingly intense. As is mentioned on the release notes, this was slated to be an official release until the tapes were lost and the bootleg market took off for the show that eventually became the official release, B’Boom (also a must-have, of course.)

Is it tremendously dorky that I get a little thrill when I see my new grill on the Ridgeline? Probably. Cheap thrills are great thrills.

For those keeping score at home, I received the verdict on my wonky foot last night: it’s fine. What’s funny is that within 24 hours of seeing the doctor about it, it felt 50% better, and continued to get better since then to the point now that it doesn’t hurt at all. I guess it all worked out, but it would have been nice if it had stopped hurting before I saw the damned doctor about it and wasted the time and money on the x-rays. Of course, had I just gone to the doctor 3 weeks ago it probably would have healed a hell of a lot more quickly.

I saved the best for last:

As of tonight, just 3 days shy of 8 months old, Amanda has begun babbling. The event occured without any forewarning – she simply stopped making her squeals of delight for a moment and the next thing out of her mouth was “ba ba blah blah blah ba ba.” It was quite funny, really, because it took me a moment to realize what had just happened. This following a couple of months of spit-spewing raspberries where she almost grasped the art of the “b” sound. I made the sounds back to her and was greeted with a giant, two-tiny-toothy grin. Finally someone I can converse with on my level.

And, hey, those tiny little teeth? Sharp. Real sharp.

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