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May 3, 2006

Brain pain (it’s a drain)

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Well, today I got a chance to try out my prescription for my migraines, Fiorgen. I woke up at usual time and surprise! – way up, almost at the edges of my vision, was an aura of a visual migraine. I must have woken up well into it, to the point that it was nearly over, but it really made an interesting point to me – maybe the visual component doesn’t actually go away, it just “moves” in the brain to the point that it can’t be visualized. This is a tough one to conceptualize, so just go with me on it. It made me realize that, had I woken up a little while later, I might not have seen it at all and would only have a groggy feeling to indicate anything was going on – something I probably would not have immediately taken for a migraine. But I certainly felt it within a half-hour or so of the aura going away.

So I stayed home from work and tested my Fiorgen. I was really concerned what the side-effects would be – would they be bad enough for me to question whether it was worth taking for migraine pain? It turns out that it was pretty okay – it took the edge off the pain, but didn’t get rid of it entirely. What I didn’t like was that for the first half-hour or so it left me quite unstable, but I didn’t realize this until I tried walking around. After that I seemed okay – the ache in my head was constant, but not a buzzing roar like it usually is. I wouldn’t necessarily want to go to work in an instance like this, but were I at work when a migraine began I wouldn’t think twice about taking it.

As was the case with my previous “big” migraine, I simply wasn’t thinking right, and actually got on the computer to send email and look stuff up. It was only when I realized how stupid that was that I forced myself away and into bed, where I fell asleep for the afternoon.

Alissa had taken Amanda to her parents this morning because I was just not in any shape to take care of her, much as I would have liked to. Regardless of the pain, I have found that having her glorious smile and infectious giggles around makes everything seem okay. Unfortunately, my head felt like it had been split by a 2-by-4, and not only light but sound was making me very irritable, which means having a baby around is not a good idea. Not only that, but I was in no condition to go chasing her around or even playing with her – the pain simply overrulled all of that. What I needed was sleep, and, again, that was another thing I would not be afforded while watching her.

So I slept . . . and slept . . . and slept. When I awoke, the clock read 3:40 – a time at which point I should have been nearly to Alissa’s parents to pick up Amanda. I did the closest approximation to “jumping out of bed” that my aching brain would allow, went to get dressed and found that, as I pulled my shirt off, I reeked. Apparently in my sleep I sweated a lot and basically gave off the odor, to myself at least, of someone who’d not been sleeping but had been lifting weights for a couple hours. So I took a quick shower, got dressed, and ran out the door.

It was at this point that I realized I had an intense, gnawing hunger in my stomach and needed desperately to eat. I was already running late, but I figured I’d grab a quick extra-late lunch and give Alissa’s parents a call. Whataburger called me – just like after the previous migraine – and I gave in this time and got a burger whose qualities met every need I had at the moment. It is not an exaggeration to say that this was the best burger I’ve ever eaten, gourmet food geeks be damned.

And then I was off again. I picked up my cell phone to call only to find that the battery was dead – and the charger was in Alissa’s car. So not only am I running late, I have no way to contact her parents to let them know that I’m now going to be very late. Eventually I showed up at their door, received some well-deserved berating, and shuttled Amanda home. I can only do so much on a day like today. My brain, taxed by both a barbituate pain killer and pain itself, simply isn’t going to be functioning in top-form.

Sure enough, having Amanda home was as rewarding as I’d hoped. I am also certain that, after lunging around the living room to play with her and sweep her way from danger spots, I made the right call having Alissa take her away for the day. As lonely and quiet as it is here by myself, the smiles would have been more than welcome, but they likely would have been few and far between when the pain made me cringe with every sound and kept me from attending to Amanda’s entertainment. Those kinds of days are better saved for real “days off,” because a day suffering a migraine is anything but a rest.


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  1. Hear that Fiorgen has a rep for bounce-back headaches, so i avoid. anyone?

    Comment by Lenore — December 26, 2006 @ 10:28 am | Reply

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